Xmas City

Everybody loves a good party game. They have always been a part of any celebration to promote fun and camaraderie among the guests. One celebration that’s great for party games is the annual family Christmas party Birmingham is a place where family and friends can come together and spend time with each other especially during Christmas.

A Christmas party, Birmingham area, follows traditional games just like any other party. What makes it more special are the people that you share it with and the fun that you have with them. Here are some classic Christmas party games that you and your family can enjoy.

  1. Charades – Charades is a game that can be played by any number of people. Divide them into groups of 2 or more. Then select a member of the group who will act out anything from movies, animals, events, persons etc, and their teammate will try to guess the answer based on the actions. If they fail to guess what is being acted after one minute, other teams may guess and steal the point from them. The team with the most points after a preselected length of time will win.
  2. Pictionary – Similar to charades, the guests have to be divided in two or more groups. The difference is that the thing that they have to guess will be drawn by the selected person instead of acted out.
  3. Flip Cup – Flip cup is for the adult members of the family. Line up about 8 plastic cups with alcohol or shots inside each cup. The contestants will drink the contents of each cup before trying to flip it over using their fingers only. The person who flips all 8 cups the fastest wins the game.

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